PUDO offers various types of mobility to choose from.

  • RIDES: Users can choose from variety of vehicles and prices to ride from point A to B safely.
  • PUDO ridesharing app is divided into four parts.
  • REQUEST A RIDE: Riders can request ride from their location and one of our available DOERs will either accept your request or decline the request. DOERs (Drive) are also able to send new offer to Riders.
  • BOOK A RIDE: Rides can book a ride or the ride in Advance within an hour of booking or book up to 7 days in advance. Companions, family and friends can book a ride based on the rider’s needs. Notification is sent to available drivers.
  • PAYMENT: Users/Riders can pay via the app or pay by cash when they reach their destination. Drivers/Doers can receive their payout via the app daily or three times a week or weekly.
  • RATING: Users/Riders /Doers/ Drivers can give reviews and ratings when each trip is completed. Both rating won’t be seen by both parties until both reviews are submitted.
  • SAFETY/SECURITY: We value Our DOERs/RIDERs safety! PUDO makes all our users go under safety and criminal record background check. This allows for both the driver and riders have a safe ride. PUDO users enjoy special safety features such as SOS EMERGENCY button or panic button to alert our customer services or to alert the nearest police station and the administrator when clicking on the panic button, 24/7 Roadside assistance and Live ride tracking etc.
  • SAME GENDER DRIVERS: PUDO app has options to limit ride requests to same gender drivers. This option is to provide additional safety to women when they travel alone.
  • FAVORITES DOERS: PUDO App allows Users/Riders to add drivers to their favorite list when they find the ones they like for their future rides.
  • VEHICLE OPTIONS: Needing a ride or going out with partner or as a group of friends or family, we have DOERs that have you covered by choosing from our range of options ranging from sedan, SUVs and even luxury Taxi to pick from. PUDO offers shuttle service to and from any locations of choice.


1.Download the App, Sign Up

2.Request a ride. enter your pickup and drop off destination, select your ride option vehicle size, price and pick up time.

3.DOERs/Drivers receive the request, Driver may accept, or decline offers. if approved Driver then confirm the request.

4.DOERs/Driver pickup users and drop off user at their destination.

5.End User click in the App to complete the ride and make a payment. rate the driver and leave a review.


Download PUDO App

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