Pharmacy and Medical supply delivery

Non-Prescription medication Delivery

PUDO delivers pharmaceutical and medical shipment directly to patient’s house, office and facilities where they reside.

PUDO offers different types of delivery.

1. Standard Delivery
2. Same Day Delivery (within an hour of request)
3. Scheduled Same Day Delivery (Scheduled time for delivery)
4. Overnight delivery
5. Rush and On Demand delivery.

How it works

1. Place your order in our app.

2. PUDO sends notification to our DOERs/Shoppers in your area to shop in your local selected pharmacies or retail stores.

3. Doers preparing your orders.

4. Order or items delivered to your preferred address.

You can track your order’s progress and communicate with your Doer/Shopper every step of the process using our in-app messaging system.

How it works

1. Send us your prescription (Let your doctor send a new prescription or transfer to us online.)

2. Confirm your delivery date. (Users can us or we call and text you to set up delivery, pay your copay.

3. Received your prescribed medications. by one of our registered Doers within hours

4. Set Up Auto Refi, get your meds automatically delivered each month without reminder.

How to send a prescription on our PUDORx
it’s easy to set up a new prescription or refill your current prescription.

Send New Prescription Tab

Patient Portal login. 
Upload link/ take a picture of Rx.
Upload link of insurance cards

Refill a prescription tab

Refill now tab/ Refill at a selected date calendar.

Transfer of Prescription tab

Transfer button initiated by user via eprescribe/eFax /call/ text/app.

PUDO deliver’s both controlled and refrigerated medications for no additional charge. 

PUDORx plans to offer free daily delivery of prescriptions within 20 miles of your local pharmacies or stores with your Medicaid or private insurance approval.

Medical Supply Delivery PUDOms.

We deliver medical supplies you need both same day delivery or on demand assistance of medical devices or medical equipment.

Our Medical couriers (Doers) are trained professionals who deliver medical supplies and products to our wide range of users. Our Drivers are licensed medical professionals gig workers.

Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies are delivered to your door or at the facility you reside. 

How it works

1. Have your order from your healthcare provider. Find our PUDOms App. Request a pickup and drop off! Get a free estimate in our app. Set up a pickup time and location.

2. PUDOms Pro (Doers) arrives and load up the medical equipment or supply.

3. Track and Pay in the App (Track the progress of your delivery, pay, tip, rate and give reviews)

4. Equipment delivered at your location and selected time of delivery.