PUDO MART allows anyone looking for flexibility, entry level, temporary, part time weekend, after hours to join our team as an employee or as a gig worker (Independent contractor) to shop for our customers. We offer 3 ways to be part of the opportunity.
1. Shopper and Delivery Driver
2. In Store Gig Shopper
3. In Store Employee Shopper/Driver.

Be a PUDO Shopper and Delivery Driver (DOER)

1. Shopper and Delivery. As an employee or gig worker this service allows you to shop, bag orders in one store at a time and deliver the orders to the customers doorstep or preferred location. Our DOERs work scheduled shift or selected shift depending on your contract or job description. A vehicle is required
2. In store gig Shopper (DOER). As an independent contractor this service gives you the flexibility to work on your own schedule. This service allows you to only shop and bag orders for pick or curbside pickup. This means that your earning potential depends on your individual efforts and the number of orders completed. No Vehicle required for this role or duty.
3. In store Employee Shopper. As an employee, this allows you to work full time or part-time, by assisting with shopping, bagging grocery orders and fulfilment of orders and the delivery of orders if needed.
Our gig shopper pays, and earnings are based on the following:

1. Order completed
2. Location and distance to shop.
3. Delivery Fees
4. Tips (Keeps 100% of it)

To Become a DOER shopper, you can start by signing up by completing our requirements and follow our onboarding process on our website or app

Our basic Requirements to be DOER shopper are as follows:

1. Be at least 18 years old and eligible to work in the US.
2. A smartphone (at least iPhone 6s or Android 5.0)
3. Registered Vehicle where required
4. Able to lift at least a minimum of 30 pounds
5. Able to follow food safety regulations/policies
6. Background checks

How it works

1. Download the App, Sign Up, Get approved to be a shopper. Shop on your schedule

2. Customer place orders in the app.

3. Shop and deliver the customer's order. (Communicate with customer if the store is out of stock)

4. Get paid and leave a review. and rate the customer.

Start Shopping and Earning today! Be a DOER and HERO helping your community by shopping and delivering to new and familiar neighborhoods.
Sign up to be a DOER Shopper