Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery

PUDO’s mission is to improve our community by making deliveries faster, safer, convenience and affordable.
PUDO drone Delivery is available for use by local residents where we provide services.
PUDO drone service operate 10 miles from any launching point i.e., Retail stores, Restaurants, pharmacy, grocery stores, coffee. Convenient stores etc.
Drone delivery will only deliver 0 to 17 Ibs max of item ordered.
PUDO Drone Delivery offers Instant delivery and scheduled deliveries
Our mission is to deliver good to customers by supporting our local businesses.

How it works

1 Download the app

2. Order: pick your item and checkout

3 Pack: Store prepare and package your order

4. Fly: Drone Flies your order to your destination.

5. Deliver. Rate our service.


Our drone delivery journey depends on the distance to your destination. Typically, its takes no more than 5 minutes form pick up location to destination. However, depending on your order or the number of orders in queue before your orders.

You will be able to track your order in our app and you can track the moment the drone takes off with your order(s) and when it arrives at your location you will receive a notification so you can come out to receive your order/package.
Payment is completed in our app by using your debit or credit card/ gift card when you place orders.
No cash payment required.
No tip expected because our drone will never ask for it. However, you can tip our drone driver in the app.