PUDO means Pick Up Drop Offs. PUDO provides an alternative service for end users whereby end users set their own rates and pays PUDO a subscription, membership fees or commission to provide different type of services PUDO offers to the general public. End users are able to make payment directly in our super App which is available in App Store and Play Store.
PUDO is only available in Fayetteville, Farmington etc. Northwest Arkansas for now and working on expanding our services to all other cities across the world.
Go to our website contact page and send us a message and tell us which city you want us to be in.

FAQ DOERS (Renters, Drivers and shoppers)

Go to our website or go to the App Store or Play Store to download our super app. Sign up and select Become a Doer or Become a renter or become a shopper.

Submit your required information’s with your required documents. We will notify you 3 to 5 days about your Onboarding Approval via Email or text. Pay your onboarding fees to start receiving request, offers for rentals, Rides, Deliveries and Shopping. You set your schedule and you can work as much as you can. 
You can stop or cancel your service, subscriptions or membership at any time effective at the beginning of the following month.
Yes. Once subscribe you can drive anywhere PUDO is active and provides services. Subscription fees may vary by cities, states and countries.


Ride/Trip are requested in app by clicking on the Taxi icon. Put in your pickup location and your drop off location. Select the type of vehicle you want or need. Click on find a driver. A notification is sent to available driver, once the driver accepts or decline offer You will receive a notification about your Trip and driver will start heading to you.
No. Our app is a super app that is used for all our end users. No separate app for any of our services. Our End Users are able to change between driver mode to rider mode or shopper mode by clicking on the menu tab.
At the end of every service completed both end users are given an opportunity to be able to rate each other. A 5-star rating is included with a comment box to report and issues so we can improve our services.