Background check to verify drivers.
The safety of our drivers, riders, renters and end users is our priority. Background check is completed on All our drivers and riders before their first trip, ride and delivery.
Everyone is verified before they can use our services.
Every driver goes through multiple layers of safety screens such as :
Driving Record
Impaired driving
Violations of any kind
Violent crime to felonies charges
Criminal charges and history
PUDO will also re-screen every driver randomly at any time or anytime there is a complaint by a rider or user. If any of our drivers or riders violate our rules PUDO has the right to suspend or ban them from our platform.
Female Drivers. PUDO provides an option to select female drivers as it provides additional safety to our women when they travel alone.
Live ride tracking monitoring is in place to ensure safe trips and travel experience.

Emergency Help

Uncertainty can happen anytime. If an emergency does happen, PUDO encourages all our drivers, riders, renters and end users to please call 911 from their phone or app that is 911 incorporated in them during emergencies for accuracy during critical and crucial moments or incidents. PUDO is working on providing a panic button, an SOS alert system in our app that will send notification to the nearest police station and to our end user support and the administrator when the panic button is used.
24/7 support: PUDO provides 24/7 assistance to help both drivers and customers when they are in need or in any problem. End users will be getting solutions to a problem without struggling in a timely manner.


 In App Live Tracking will allow you to share your trip details with your friends and family.


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