Portable Moving Containers Service.

We offer different types of Portable storage box for all range of prices to fit every budget. Average storage box price are as follows.
We have 4 different size of affordable portable storage units for rent, lease and sale.

8-foot PUDO BOX

Price $99

12 Foot PUDO BOX

Price $119

16 Foot PUDO BOX

Price $149

20 Foot PUDO BOX

Price $199

How PUDO BOX Moving Containers works

Download the PUDO APP.

Drop Off:
We will deliver your desired container, to your location.
Take your time to pack up and notify us when you are done and ready for your loaded container be picked-up. Notify via our app.
Pick Up:
We will pick up your loaded container and transport it to your new destination whether it’s in town or across the country.
We will notify you when your container will be delivered. You can track your container in the app.
Store It:
If you need a temporary storage, we can let you keep the container at your premises or at our location until you are ready for your container be picked up. We can also store your rented container in our safe, secured and protected location until you need your stored item back.

How our shipping works




drop offs delivery

Request/ Booking

Factors that affect storage unit prices.

Size: The size space you need to share your containers is a determination factor. The large the space the higher the cost.
Time: Our storages rentals are month to month basis. The longer storage commitments sometimes have discounts prices associated to it during reservation.
Service: Portable storage service include drop offs and pick-up services.
Location: Storage prices depends on your locations and demand. Storage is expensive in metro areas than a densely populated areas and that affects the price of storage.
Insurance: Insurance rates may also affect the price of storage depending on if the renter wants to insure their storage box or not.
Cancellation Fees: If you cancel your dumpster rental after we’ve confirmed your order, you’ll have to pay an additional charge. This fee increases if you cancel after 5 p.m. the day before your scheduled delivery date.