Non emergent Transportation

Non emergent Transportation

Let's make healthcare accessible together!

Our App is built seamlessly to connect patients, healthcare providers, insurers, and healthcare facility. PUDO NEMT mission is to create a reliable and punctual transportation for our end-users that leads to fewer missed appointments and better healthcare outcomes. PUDO NEMT provides real-time trip tracking, simple booking and reservation tools, and trip history at your fingertips. Our drivers undergo HIPPA, PHI. ADA, CPR and customer service training, along with background checks, drug testing (random drug testing) and daily vehicle inspections.

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How to get started in 4 steps


Enter your information on our application form, submit all required document and you are on your way to become a doer-plus. Our on boarding process takes 3 to 7 days depending on your test results.


Tell us what type of car you drive, upload your driver license, insurance, registration, and your background check.


All our driver has to complete a vehicle inspection, watch the training videos, complete a CPR Certification and provide us with your payment information.


Once approved as a PUDO Doer-plus, one of our representatives will met with you or you can download the App and start receiving requests and trips. You control your schedule as you wish. It’s totally up to you. Let’s make
healthcare accessible together.