Laundry Delivery Service.

If anyone have a washing machine and dryer, you can make money by using our app to do laundry for others. Yes! Sounds wild and crazy?
Our service gives gig economy contractors/workers the opportunity to be paid by the pound or load of laundry to wash other clothes in their home laundry rooms.
Our PUDOsters can accept or decline work in their communities as they see fit. Our PUDOsters/DOERs can set their own hours, work from home to offset losses in income or gain extra funds to use for other things. Our App allows customers to request particular DOERs to do their laundries and rate them.

This is how it works

1. Download, sign up, select schedule time or select on demand pick up. of laundry.

2. Leave your laundry on your patio for pick up clothes from people near you or in your community or drop off at the location of the gig worker.

3. Gig worker washes, dries, folds the laundry.

4. Laundry Delivered same day or the next day. Get Paid.

5. Rate our PUDOsters/DOERs.

For $1 per pound and a $20 minimum per load. (Colored clothes)

For $2 per pound and a $20 minimum per load (white clothes)

For $1.50 per pound and a $20 minimum per load (Light colored clothes)