Application Requirements

Application Requirements

1. You have to be 18 or older

2. Any Automobile (Mini Cars, Sedan, SUV, Van, Truck, etc)

3. Driver's License number

4 . Proof of vehicle insurance

5. Social Security number (US ONLY)

6. Final Step Consent to a Background check. (Then you are free to chase your dreams)


1. Smartphone

2 Preferably a 4 door vehicle

3. Functioning Transportation

4. Good Driving Records


Daily Plan

Promo $19.99/day $25.99/day.
Driver keeps 100% of the fare

Weekly Plan

Promo $49.99/wk $99.99/wk.
Driver keeps 100% of the fare .
First month free.

Monthly Plan

Promo $199/mo (big cities). $249/mo
$99/mo (small cities)
Driver Keeps 100% of the fare .
First Month Free.
Driver set their own rates.

Percentage Plan

$9.99/day + 10% to 25%
of daily total rides completed

Driver keeps 75% to 90% of the fare.

Drive can cancel their plan or change their plan at the beginning of the month or after 30 days of use.