PUDO offers various types of mobility to choose from.

BIKES:  Users choose from variety of bikes and selected prices/plans to ride from start to destination.


PUDO’s goal is to offer the convenience of bikeshare with one-of-a-kind fun and experiencing the beauty of your community you won’t see when driving in a car.
PUDO offers Single Ride, Day Pass, 3 Day Pass, Monthly Pass and an Annual membership. Prices may vary by zone within the cities.
Our Fleets comprises of Traditional and E-bike aka Electric Bike.
Riders can pick up bike(s) from the closest bike to them or from the closest docking station
Users can opt in and out any type of ride plan that best suit their needs. Our goal is to provide services to everyone in the community.

How it works

1. Download the App, sign up and select your plan.

2. Locate our fleet in the App. (wear your helmet)

3. Scan the QR code on the fleet to unlock (Learn how to ride safely in the app and on our website)

4. Item is picked up at selected time and delivered to your location of choice.

  • Question? We can help you by calling our customer service or by sending us an email or in app message.
  • Notification: You can track your item location at any point during the transportation process, you will also receive push notifications at pick up time and drop off time. To use this feature, make sure your carrier has enabled location sharing on your mobile device before booking.