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PUDO services helps to unlock new and more customers to your business for less by using our super app/platform by giving customers the flexibility, connectivity and visibility to order or demand a service from our partners seamlessly.

Get started in 3 steps.

1. Apply and submit your business information and credentials

2. Upload your menu.

3. Approved Menu and Go Live in 1 to 3 days

4 Steps how our app works

1. Customers place orders via our app

2. Restaurant receives and prepares orders

3. Our drivers(Doers) get notifications , pick up orders and deliver orders to the customer

4. Customer receives orders. 

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PUDO Pricing for Delivery and Pick Ups

PUDO offers 0% commission for first 30 days.
Lets recover faster together, PUDO offers pick up, drop offs, delivery, rental, taxi and online share rider.

Sign Up and Start Earning today

10% Delivery Commission
5% Pick Up Commission
(Credit Card Processing or merchant fee included)
Fast Delivery
Accept 1 to 10 orders Pick Ups and delivery /month
Under 5 miles Delivery areas to reach customers
15% Delivery Commission
5.5% Pick UP Commission
Fast Delivery
Accept 10 – 20 Orders or Pick Up and Delivery/Month
With 5 to 10 Miles delivery area to reach customers
20% Delivery commission
6% Pick Up Commission
Fast Delivery
Accept Unlimited orders or Pick Up and Delivery/Month
Within 10 to 20 miles delivery areas to reach more customers
No commission if we deliver after 20 or more pick up and drop offs