Equipment & Tool Share And Delivery

PUDO is provide a platform for our users to rent and share their equipment and tools with others and get paid for it. Equipment and tools are upload on our app for rent or share. Equipment and tool owners can deliver equipment to renter’s location, or renters can pick up tools or equipment from owner. However, If the ET owner doesn’t want to be bothered. PUDO will pick up equipment or tools for our renter that’s renting the equipment or tools for a service fee.
List of equipment rentals.
Scissor lifts
Boom lifts
Portable generators
Mini excavators
Warehouse Forklifts
Reach forklifts
Compressed Air
Aerial work Platforms
Pressure Washers
Agricultural and Landscaping Equipment.
Power tools and Small Equipment.

How it works

1. Download the APP

2. Start your reservation of equipment and tools needed and make payment. / Upload tour equipment or tools for rent

3. Pick up your equipment and tools or request a delivery.

4. Equipment and tools delivered or return to the owner or to our location.

  • Question? We can help you by calling our customer service or by sending us an email or in app message.
  • Notification: You can track your item location at any point during the transportation process, you will also receive push notifications at pick up time and drop off time. To use this feature, make sure your carrier has enabled location sharing on your mobile device before booking.

To schedule a pickup