Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

We appreciate your decision to become a member of our community. Riders who use our platform
Our end-users are expected to follow our Community Guidelines. We ask that you:

1. Be courteous and respectful to your driver and our support team.

2. Do not use language, make gestures, or take actions that are rude, aggressive, confrontational, threatening, or harassing. We will not tolerate any violent behavior.

3. Respect personal differences and backgrounds. Do not use derogatory or discriminatory language. We will not tolerate any discriminatory conduct motivated by race, sex, gender identity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other protected characteristic.

4. Respect personal boundaries and keep your hands to yourself.

5. Do not make romantic gestures, comment on appearance, ask intrusive personal questions, or engage in any act of sexual harassment. Revel will not tolerate any type of sexual assault or misconduct.

6. Treat our property and the driver’s property like it’s your own. Do not litter or damage the car.

7. Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages during a ride. Do not carry open containers of alcohol in the car.

8. Do not bring weapons or illegal substances into any our rental cars, rideshare services and other shared services.

9. We love pets, but please do not bring your pet to the ride unless it is an emotional support animal or if approved by renters.

10. Wear your helmet during every ride if it is still required per local guidance or policies.

11. Wear a seat belt during the entire ride.

12. Do not request ride for someone under the age of 18 who will not be accompanied by a parent or an authorized guardian.

13. Do not request ride to transport packages/boxes only. Our drivers service people and their belongings, not goods only.

14. Do not request wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) if you do not need accommodation for a wheelchair or mobility device. Any misuse can result in ride cancellation, account deactivation, and/or additional fees.

15. Let your driver handle the driving. Never touch the steering wheel and center console, or tamper with any components that are used to operate the car. Never ask the driver to speed or make illegal stops, drop-offs, maneuvers, or to drive outside the zone that we operate in.

16. Provide accurate and truthful information to the Revel Customer Service team when reporting incidents related to the ride or the driver. Provide honest and fair feedback to your driver when you’re requested to rate your trip.

17. Do not violate any of our terms of use agreements.

18. Should abide by all applicable laws, including observing the posted speed limit, parking regulations, and other rules of the road.

19.If traveling with a child who uses a booster or car seat, please bring the appropriate seat. Riders are solely responsible for the selection, installation, securement, and removal of any booster or car seat.

20. Will be under surveillance for the safety of drivers and riders, vehicles may be equipped with video recording devices that record video of the inside and the outside of the vehicle.

21. Avoid personal conversations, politics and keep topics light if our driver allows it. Respect driver or rider’s request not to engage in conversation during a ride.

22. For a smooth ride for your driver and fellow passengers please keep cell phone calls to a minimum.

23. To help maintain cleanliness and avoid the spread of the virus or bacteria, frequently clean your vehicle with EPA-approved disinfectants. Pay close attention to those surfaces that you and riders touch most often.

24.  Don’t eat or drink in the vehicle, this will allow you to keep your mask on at all times.

**** We update our guidelines regularly to address relevant behavior, risks. and request as needed.
If you violate any of our Community Guidelines, we may temporarily or permanently suspend.
access to our platform subject to PUDO’s sole discretion. If you believe the suspension was an error that you
lost access to your account, you may contact PUDO Customer support team for assistance.