Appliances & Electronic Delivery

Appliance and Electronic Delivery

Getting Appliance and Electronic Delivery by saving up to 75% standard rates.
Requesting quote is easy on PUDO!

How PUDO works

1- Request a service

2- Compare rates and select the available driver/partners

3- Notifications sent to our Doers/partners.

4- Item is Picked up at selected time and delivered at your selected location

How much does it cost to Pick Up and Drop Off Items.
Our prices vary from $50 – $500 depending on different factors
There are numbers of factor that determine how much you can expect your Appliance delivery to cost.
Here are the following factors.
  • Distance: The distance will have the most significant impact on the quotes to move your Appliances. Local Pick up and Deliveries within 25 miles are always cheaper, whereas across city and across state deliveries incur more cost due to mileage to destination.
  • Size: The size of the Appliances or Electronic package also affect the quotes. The bigger the item the more it cost. Disassembling large piece of appliances to make it more compact may also reduce the cost.
  • Value of Item: If item is expensive then a special care will be applied to keep your item in good condition. It is advised to wrap your item carefully yourself. This factor varies from service to service.

What to do before picking up your item(s)

  • Cleaning: We encourage you to clean your Appliance before pick-up. This is to ensure that you are able to locate and spot any pre-existing damages and know exactly what condition the item is in.
  • Photographic Evidence: We encourage to take high quality photographs of the condition of the appliance to be picked up or dropped off.

What to do after Delivery/Drop off.

Once you receive your Appliance, the first thing to do is to check your Appliance condition. Make sure you verify it with your previously taken pictures.
Please we encourage our customers to always leave a review or feedback on our App for each service completed. This not only allows our DOERS to improve their services in the future and also means that our future users of PUDO can see all our completed services with confidence.