Package Delivery

Package Delivery

Why use PUDO same day package delivery?

PICK UP DROP OFFS means we will pick up and drop off your items from point A to Point B by connecting our DOERs who are already driving in that direction
PUDO Same day package delivery services are like a courier service; however, our services are completed by our DOERS.
PUDO picks up urgent package or freight delivered from door to door, across city and sometimes across state line.
Packages are delivered within the city you live in or surrounding areas from 50 miles up to 100 miles radius. (Your location to destination)

Packages delivered are tracked in real time 7 days a week year-round on our app.

Our DOERs choose the deliveries that fit their availability and earn for driving locally in your city. Our DOERS are given each item dimensions to pick up as well as drop-off instructions or details of the item they are delivering.
Our DOERs have the opportunity to see their guaranteed delivery payouts upfront before taking the job.
If you’re running errands or doing a regular commute or road trips across town, PUDO is a great way to earn extra funds for driving from point A to point B.
Our PUDO App allows our Drivers (DOERs) like you more flexibility to control your gig hustle.
Get your earnings weekly or instantly. Scheduled Payouts are processed every Tuesday at 1000am. To qualify for instant payouts, you will have to complete between 5 to 10 completed deliveries in the first 7 to 30 days. Time limit is subject to change.
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How it works

1. Download the app, sign up. Select package delivery

2. Package your item, weigh and measure your package. choose your delivery method and vehicle that meets your needs.

3. Select a Pickup date and time., Provide us with a pickup address and delivery address. Make a payment.

4. Meet the DOER and send your package on its way. Track your package with our in-app Tracking and get a notification when your item gets delivered.

Why use PUDO package delivery?

PUDO provides Flexibility, Convenient, Easy Tracking, and Fast and Speedy Delivery service at a reasonable price.