Business Partners

PUDO services helps to unlock new and more customers to your business for less by using our super app/platform by giving customers the flexibility, connectivity and visibility to order or demand a service from our partners seamlessly.

Get started in 3 steps.

1. Apply and submit your business information and credentials

2. Upload your menu.

3. Approved Menu and Go Live in 1 to 3 days

4 Steps how our app works

1. Customers place orders via our app

2. Restaurant receives and prepares orders

3. Our drivers(Doers) get notifications , pick up orders and deliver orders to the customer

4. Customer receives orders. 

PUDO Pricing for Delivery and Pick Ups

PUDO offers 0% commission for first 30 days.
Lets recover faster together, PUDO offers pick up, drop offs, delivery, rental, taxi and online share rider.

In Person Assistant

In some cities, we have associates that will meet in person at a location, To book an in person appointment select your date and time and our closest associate will get in contact with you as soon as possible to arrange your meeting.