PUDO is an American company that operates an Mobile App, Offering ride sharing services, Vehicle for hire or rent, motorized scooters, bicycle sharing system, Rental Affiliate Program and delivery services e.g Food, groceries, packages etc. It is based in Farmington, Arkansas and plans to operates in cities and countries across the globe.
PUDO will be using its world’s leading mobility technology platform to offers a wide range of app-based services across America, Africa, Europe, Caribbean as well as in Asia, including ride hailing, taxi hailing, chauffeur, hitch and other forms of shared mobility as well as auto solutions, food delivery, intra-city freight and financial services.
PUDO provides our Doers aka drivers and delivery partners with flexible work and income opportunities. It is committed to collaborating with policymakers, the taxi industry, the automobile industry and the communities to solve the world’s transportation, environmental and employment challenges through the use of AI technology and localized smart transportation innovations. PUDO strives to create better life experiences and greater social value, by building a safe, inclusive and sustainable transportation and local services ecosystem for cities of the future.


The PUDO EIN Number is available online and on our website for our Independent Contractors and Partner use. EIN NUMBER ##-##-#####
PUDO will be offering Rideshare and delivery services to a nearby Location for a best fare, best rental and delivery services at lowest fares.
Our mailing and business address are as follows: P.O Box 962 Farmington, Arkansas, 72730.

Advance Booking

This is when our end-users book’s our Rideshare or delivery services via our Mobile App ,Websites and Over the phone for an inter-city travel or rental that has never been this easy and convenient.
With PUDO location request get a ride within 1 hour of booking or Book up to 7 days in advance. Rides

Economic One Way trips

Riders pays for just their requested trips, Riders chooses their one way travel and ride away to their destination.

Secure and Safe Rides

We value our Riders and Users safety! With PUDO Riders enjoys special safety features such as sos company button, 24/7 Roadside assistance and live ride tracking system etc.

Vehicle Options

Needing a ride or going out or with a partner or a group of friends, We have Doers that have you covered from our range of vehicles e.g. Sedan, mini, SUV and even Luxury cars are available to our end users. PUDO will be offering tons of services at all levels ranging from economic to luxury cars. Bookings are facilitated by its own mobile Applications as well as through our websites. PUDO offers various types of services such as Rideshare, groceries and food delivery, mobile payment and many more.

PUDO Services

Rideshare, Express Pool service, Food and Beverages Delivery, Drive kids to school/sport practice or games, Package delivery, Flower and Gift delivery, Letter and document delivery, Medical supplies delivery, Pharmacy delivery, Heavy item delivery, Laundry delivery, Airline shuttle services, Grocery delivery, Catering Delivery and PUDO White Label Rideshare and delivery services .

Target Audience

We generally targets people in the age group of 18 to 80 years who are financially independent, young , office workers, college students and many more


Our mobile applications connects our Doers ”Drivers” with our Riders ” users”
PUDO’S Mobile Application is absolutely an easy, smooth platform and works by registering the user’s on our app and allowing it to detect the customer’s location through GPS. Then, the customer puts the destination and gets various Doers ”Drivers” categories with their respective prices. Through these options, the users can choose the most suitable Doer and book it. Later, the drivers” Doers” complete the verification with OTP sent to the user’s device. And then the customer gets picked up and a smooth and convenient service to their destination of choice

How PUDO Makes its Money

PUDO makes money from all Trip Commissions and delivery Subscriptions plans, adverstising and Rentals and Rental Affiliate Programs.
Our company charges some percent of commission on the total cost of each car ride or delivery completed. This varies on several factors like base fare, waiting time, cab demand, rush hour and others.

In Cab Advertising/On APP Ads

User’s get various online Ads, pamphlets, Decals and brochures from the our company to promote our brand and services.